Who we are

Who we are, and what we’re up to

 YourDoctorintheFamily.com was established as a public service in January, 2000 by a small group of disaffected physicians (DrRich being the most disaffected of all) who can no longer abide our dysfunctional health care system. Especially intolerable to us is the degree to which the interests of physicians are being systematically separated from the interests of their patients. The programmed destruction of the traditional doctor-patient relationship leaves both doctors and patients increasingly isolated and marginalized in a complex and hostile health care system.

Accordingly, the mission of YourDoctorintheFamily.com is twofold. FIRST, we aim to advance the level of debate as to what must be done to solve our growing crisis in health care.

We will claim a seat at the table using our “emperor has no clothes” technique; that is, we’ll loudly proclaim a glaring truth about our health care system that almost no one seems able or willing to talk about.  And as we follow that “secret” truth to its logical conclusion, we’ll see how it explains the wondrous, convoluted, and otherwise inexplicable maneuverings we are currently witnessing by all the key players in our health care system. (DrRich interprets these maneuverings for you in his News and Commentary.)

In the end what we hope will emerge is a new and compelling picture of the true nature of our health care crisis. Once we have such a clear picture, long-term solutions will immediately suggest themselves. Yet, while the ultimate aim of YourDoctorintheFamily.com is to foster solutions for our broken health care system, we recognize that such reforms are a long way off.  And in the meantime, patients remain at high risk.

Thus, our SECOND and more immediate aim is to find innovative means of providing you with the individual protections you need today, to survive not only the medical conditions you may have, but also our health care system itself.

Such means will include education, of course, and YourDoctorintheFamily.com will work hard to teach you how to become a more effective patient – to get what you need from the health care system, while reducing the risks you face whenever you must deal with that system.

But we also intend to embrace a more radical solution. We want YourDoctorintheFamily.com to become a clearinghouse – an incubator, if you will – for a brand new health care profession: that of the Personal Health Care Advocate. While Personal Health Care Advocates (PHCAs) as we envision them barely even exist, their birth is inevitable. And if nurtured properly, PHCAs not only will provide individual patients with the guidance, advice and protection they need to survive in a hostile health care system, but also will serve as a catalyst for bringing the dark secret of our health care crisis out into the light of day. Thus, helping to establish this new profession will advance both our aims – fostering immediate protection for individuals, and hastening the day when genuine and fruitful health care reform can occur.