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Support your local concierge physician – Before the Clintonians and Gekkonians nip it in the bud. May, 2004

Standing up against empowerment – Docs should either lead, or get out of the way. April, 2004

What happens to the wounded shark? – Why whistleblower doctors cannot live.  November, 2003

First Skirmish of the PHCA Wars – Boutique practices can help the doctor-patient relationship – so they must be destroyed.  October, 2003

Ethicist-assisted suicide – If they say it’s okay, let them do it.  September, 2003

Doctors finally admit to bedside rationing – as ethicists struggle to figure out why – August, 2003

Fighting over a Medicare drug plan – the fight’s older than we might remember – July, 2003

Drug price controls that really work! – We can fix this sucker today! – June, 2003

HMOs absorb another blow – What will become of them if they have to listen to any old doc? – May, 2003

HMOs call for universal coverage! – sure it’s bad, but better than the alternative – April, 2003

HMOs to Us: So what are you all complaining about? – new study documents effectiveness of HMO appeals processes – March, 2003

Evil drug companies at it again, and what we can do about it – another of DrRich’s modest proposals – February, 2003

Do not remove this shingle under penalty of the law – PA docs can’t even get out of the game- January, 2003

Docs bailing from Medicare – and Hillary is starting to look better and better – December, 2002

FBI raids docs  – more damned if you do and damned if you don’t – November, 2002

E-health sites move to the small time – while small sites like retain their peak values – October, 2002

Rationing through research – how insisting on “science” saves money – September, 2002

Nursing shortage? Congress to the rescue! – a solution that avoids the problem – August, 2002

HMO pays clerks to keep patients from doctors – what’s wrong with a bonus system? – July, 2002

E&M guidelines to bite the dust? – If so, it’s not for lack of trying – June, 2002

Docs vs. HMOs: Are HMOs guilty of racketeering? – prepare to be shocked, shocked – May, 2002

Medicare works at perfecting obfuscation – why waste years of regulatory murk? – April, 2002

Medical ethics redefined for the times – it’s official: if ethical principles are too difficult, just change them – March 2002

More good news for low-quality health plans – and a painful irony for doctors – February, 2002

Is Aetna reverse cherry-picking? – drive out the healthy, keep the sick? January, 2002

AMA: We need Doctors’ Unions to protect patients – and the Taliban to protect women’s rights – December, 2001

Defined contribution plans growing – and will cause some pain before their benefits are realized – October, 2001

HMOs to docs: the check’s in the mail – along with the sweepstakes winnings – September, 2001

The Patients’ Bill of Rights Compromise, Explained – Bush’s “victory” is merely a rear-guard action – August, 2001

If it’s too hard to uphold ethical principles, just change them – and stop worrying – July, 2001

Advance Directives don’t work, but that’s OK – It’s the thought that counts – June, 2001

Smile when you say Provider – Can’t we at least maintain a pretense here? – May, 2001

Prominent British hospital accused of discrimination – But let’s be civil about it. – April, 2001

Will Bush ease up on Health Fraud? – Don’t count on it. Doctors should keep their heads down – March, 2001

Cherrypicking 2001 – Internists are not PCPs – the HMOs haven’t given up yet – February, 2001

Physician profiling, on the other hand, is OK – Why Marcus Welby has no business in medicine. January, 2001

HMOs drop the ball in heart attack patients – don’t gloat; non-HMO patients do almost as badly – 11/19/2000

Do consumers need protection from drug ads? – Let’s stop confusing the poor things, and save a few bucks while we’re at it – 10/21/2000

Drop in uninsured: is the crisis over? – not really, just waiting for the Fed – 10/07/2000

The main business of the federal government  quit complaining; they’re supposed  to do this – 09/25/2000

Physicians: Behold Wen Ho Lee – there, but for the grace of God, go we – 09/18/2000

Al busses Tipper: Sell your drug stocks – the political maneuver of the Century (so far) – 09/09/2000

New study: Docs deceive their patients – and we told you so – 09/02/2000

PATH audit marches on – if it isn’t ripe yet, why does it stink? – 08/12/2000

HMOs Make Nice! – forgive us if we seem a bit skeptical – 08/05/2000

E&M: The latest rattlesnake – who wants to go first? – 07/29/00

Medicare HMOs vote with their feet – now, who takes the hit? – 07/22/00

GOP drug plan sabotaged – done in by their own – 07/15/2000

Doctors’ Unions – a bad idea whose time has come – 07/08/2000

A Medicare drug-benefit scorecard – in this case, you really can’t tell the players without a card – 07/01/2000

The HMOs ditch Medicare – and for once the Clintonians are panicked over a health care issue – 06/24/2000

The new Gekkonian drug plan – a plan designed to show “they care” – 06/17/2000

Supreme court: HMOs are supposed to ration – and we told you so – 06/13/2000

Patients like managed care (unless they’re sick) – so all’s right with the world – 06/10/2000

Congress acts indignant – and it’s sure good to know – 06/03/2000

Gekkonians’ rear-guard actions – an update  – can they stall ’till fall? – 05/27/2000

Why Canadian drugs cost less – it’s the lawyers – so all we need to do is change the fundamental operating principles of the legal profession – 05/20/2000

Doctors told to stop lying for their patients – otherwise, move over, Elian – 05/14/2000

Philip Morrising the drug companies – Part 3 – Are pharmaceuticals even more vile than we thought? – 05-06-2000

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