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In September 2003, a young man named John Napier will launch the "Don Quixote," a homemade shanty raft, in the headwaters of the Mississippi (somewhere in the unexplored north of Minnesota) and float this strange craft all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  John is doing this a) because it's one of the adventures he's dreamed of that he hasn't done yet, and b) to raise money for his favorite charity, the Children's Wish Foundation International.  You can read about the ongoing preparations for his trip, and follow his progress once it begins, here.

John is a former Air Force officer who, service to his country more-than-honorably completed, has spent the last 6 or 7 years working as a river guide on Grand Canyon whitewater trips, working off-season in sundry other jobs (most of which involve sleeping outdoors in places that have no electricity or plumbing,) competing in Iron Man competitions, bicycling across the US for charity, traveling the world and sampling non-Western cultures, and expanding his mind the old-fashioned (i.e., non-chemical) way.  DrRich met him recently when John guided DrRich & family for six days down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  Not only was John a spectacular river guide (allowing DrRich's family to return to civilization with next to no permanent damage, much to the relief of DrRich whose idea the trip was,) but he also impressed everyone on the trip with his knowledge, wit, athleticism, and (I mean this sincerely) his sincerity. 

John believes strongly in the Children's Wish Foundation, and is deeply committed to raising enough money, through his latest adventure, to grant many desperately ill children opportunities they would otherwise not be able to experience.  Check out the Don Quixote on the Mississippi website often to follow John's progress, then check out the good works of the Children's Wish Foundtion International.  You can contribute directly to CWFI through their website - but please do so in the name of John and the Don Quixote.  DrRich wants to encourage John's efforts, lest he decide to bag his next dreamed-of venture, which is to be a 2+ year bicycle trip from Patagonia to Prudhoe Bay. Home Page

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