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DrRich is Richard N. Fogoros, MD, formerly Professor of Medicine at the MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine, and Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He left both his poorly paid professorship and his highly paid directorship in November, 1999, in order to accept the as-yet unpaid position of rabble-rouser-in-chief at

DrRich maintained a busy clinical practice for over over 20 years.  He is board-certified in three specialties, has authored scores of articles and several books in his chosen field of electrophysiology, and is recognized nationally and internationally for his work in this field. DrRich has also been named to Best Doctors in America (Woodward/White) each year since that listing was begun in 1992, including the year 2000 (the editors apparently being unaware of his recent, radical change in careers.)

In the five years preceding his "retirement," DrRich developed an abiding interest in the alarming evolution of our health care system, in particular as it pertains to medical ethics, medical economics, the mechanics of managed care, and the maneuverings of governmental regulators.  A few years ago he began lecturing on these topics in the United States and abroad, and in so doing developed a comprehensive synthesis of the problems that exist within our health care system.

During this time, as rapid changes took hold in health care, DrRich felt increasingly disturbed at the compromises he was being asked to make in caring for his patients. Especially in view of his public pronouncements on the subject, DrRich felt precluded from making many of the compromises he saw his colleagues having to make in order to continue their practices.  Inevitably, DrRich had to go.  Indeed, if it weren't for DrRich might be out on the streets today, carrying a cardboard sign announcing his willingness to lance boils and get paid in chickens. Home Page

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