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What's the difference between understanding the health care system and understanding the stock market?  

Well, if you get the stock market wrong, you only lose your money.

Unfortunately, almost everyone is getting the health care system wrong these days. Depending on where you're sitting, the problems we're experiencing with American health care are caused by the heartless HMO's, the overzealous regulators, the greedy doctors, or the overly demanding patients. And while there's some truth to all these explanations, none of them really hits the mark. 

This lack of understanding is anything but benign. Until we grasp the true causes of our growing health care crisis, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes; the crisis will continue to worsen, and eventually we'll all pay the price, deeply and personally. 

That's why telling the health care story in a new way, advancing the debate, and - we fervently hope - moving us all closer to a real solution, is a major aim of

But that's not our most immediate concern. Our immediate concern is you.

Today in the American health care system you're more alone and more at risk than you probably realize. This is a system growing more dysfunctional - and more hostile - by the day. You need to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. explores the truth about the American health care system.  We'll show what's really behind all the apparent chaos, and help you develop strategies to maximize your benefit, and minimize your risk, whenever you need health care.

We'll explain the health care system in a way you've never heard it explained before. And just like a real doctor in the family we'll try to provide you with the guidance you need when the time comes - as it inevitably will - to make those critical decisions about your own health care. Link of the WeekA Computer User Magazine
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Don Quixote on the Mississippi

Follow the progress of one John Napier - former Air Force officer and currently adventurer, athlete, Grand Canyon whitewater rafting guide, intellectual, and Huck Finn sans accent - as he floats  the length of the Mighty Mississippi on a home-made raft, just because he wants to (and to raise money for a good cause.)  Check it out.

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